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Willamette Valley Country Club

Pull Cart & Power Cart Guidelines

Pull Cart Guidelines:
  • Pull carts should have wide wheels with foam or air filled tires.
  • Pull Carts must not be taken over the aprons (collars), greens, tees, bunkers, or areas between the green and bunkers surrounding the green.
  • In general, try to avoid wet or heavy traffic areas around the green and tee surfaces
Power Cart Guidelines:
  • Black Flag Rule- All Power Carts on cart paths; No exceptions!
  • Blue Flag Rule- To receive a blue flag a valid doctors note needs to be presented and approved by the Golf Professional staff. Upon approval any member with a blue flag is 90 degrees off the cart path. All other carts are cart path only.
  • Green Flag- Follow the 90 Degree cart rule: Stay on the path until you come even with your golf ball, then make a 90 Degree turn and drive to your golf ball. After your shot, return back to the path.
  • Never drive a golf cart through standing water in the fairways or any turf that is obviously wet.
  • Never drive onto a green, apron (collar), tee or marked hazard
  • Never drive into any area that has been recently seeded or new sod has been laid.
  • Please avoid any abrupt stops or sharp turns that cause skidding of the tires
  • Spread out wear and tear by avoiding compact areas
  • Watch for special signage or other markers that direct traffic (white and green stakes)
  • Exit the fairways prior to the green directional signs and return to the cart path
  • Avoid driving over sprinkler heads and yardage markers